About us

Dear friends!

You are welcome to the website of the first “Green Academy” on the post-Soviet area.
Academy’s main objective is to create informational support for Kazakhstan’s transition to “green” economy and contribute to the growth of potential in decision-makers, executives, companies, NGOs and all those who wish to facilitate to the country’s sustainable development. About us We will appreciate your questions and suggestions on “green” economy promotion and further development of Academy

Yessekina Bakhyt Kamalbekovna

PhD, professor, director of Scientific Research and Education Center “Green Academy”


Increasing the educational capacity of government bodies, national companies, the business sector and civil society in the field of “green” economy and scientific and analytical support for the implementation process of the Concept for Republic of Kazakhstan’s transition to “green” economy.

Activity direction

  • organization of workshop-trainings for representatives of the government bodies, national companies, business structures in the field of “green” economy, “green” business, LEED/BREEAM international standards, validation, verification of greenhouse gas and participation in carbon trading, ecomarketing, etc. areas;
  • conduction of scientific researches in the field of elaboration of “green economy”;
  • conduction of the on-line lectures, seminars, conferences on the G-Global platform;
  • formation of “green ideas” bank and expertise of “green” projects;
  • оrganization and conducting of international conferences, forums and symposiums in the direction of green economy and green business, including panel session of Astana Economic Forum;
  • consulting in the field of environmental protection.