Exam procedure

Exams are held in an auditorium equipped with a workplace for each candidate (examined), paper test questions and practical tasks. The use of other technical and reference literature during the exams is not allowed. The start of the exam for all examinees occurs at the same time. Each examinee is given a certain number (from 40 to 100) test questions, after completing the test questions, a practical task is provided. The time for preparing and providing a response is no more than 1.5 hours, in total.

The theoretical part of the exam consists of test questions with 4 possible answers, one of which is correct and the rest are incorrect. Answers to test questions must be provided by the candidate within the appropriate option, within a specified period of time. Each correct answer is worth 2 points.

30 minutes are allotted for preparing the answer to the practical task. When forming an answer to a practical question, the candidate must formulate an answer on paper. The correct answer to the practical task corresponds to 20 points.

The number of practical tasks for one candidate is 1 task.

At the end of the exam, all exam questions and tickets with written answers of the examinees must be handed over to the secretary of the examination committee.

The practical part of the exam consists in the ability to navigate in the standards ST RK ISO 14064 (part 1), ST RK ISO 14064 (part 2), ST RK ISO 14064 (part 3), ST RK ISO 14065, ST RK ISO / IEC 17029-2020 , ST RK ISO 14066-2016; analysis of documents on greenhouse gases at the enterprise; performing an assessment of information and data on greenhouse gases; drawing up a sampling plan, program, checklist for verification and validation of greenhouse gases; conducting an audit of the enterprise; preparation of a report and conclusion on validation and verification; preparation of a draft verification report, registration of the process in the verification and validation of greenhouse gases.

To successfully pass the written exam, you must get at least 70% of correct answers. After the written part of the exam, the candidate will need to be interviewed by the Examination Board.