Scope of certification, Purpose of certification, Tasks of certification

The main tasks of the CAB is to carry out work to confirm the conformity of personnel in accordance with the requirements of certification schemes

The field of certification is specialists in the validation and verification of greenhouse gases

The purpose of independent certification of personnel is an objective assessment of the level of professional qualification of a specialist to the requirements of production and business established by the relevant professional standard, confirming his capabilities and right to perform specific types of work, regardless of the place, time and method of obtaining qualifications. Unlike the accreditation of specialists, certification is carried out by a third party, independent of the employer and the employee.,

Certification tasks

  • Implementation of an independent certification system for specialists in the greenhouse gas validation and verification industry.
  • Assessment of the applicant’s qualification compliance with the requirements of industry professional standards and confirmation/assignment of qualifications.
  • Assistance to employers in the selection of qualified employees certified by professions and skill levels.
  • Improving the competitiveness of personnel in the greenhouse gas validation and verification industry.
  • Stimulating the motivation of workers in the field of continuing professional education, lifelong learning.