On March 1, 2024, an Expert Seminar on “Improvement of the Legislation for Carbon Regulation in Kazakhstan” was held in Astana, with the participation of heads of state bodies, international and national experts. The event was organized by the Research and Educational Center “Green Academy”, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the support of the OECD SIPA, SECCA (EU) projects, and GIZ.

The purpose of the event was to develop recommendations to the Government of Kazakhstan for the Roadmap project to implement the Strategy and to develop proposals to improve regulatory regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, taking into account the fulfillment of national climate commitments.

Representatives of central state bodies: ASPR, MENR, ME, MIC, MTI, MWRI, MA, international organizations – EU Delegation, World Bank, USAID, OECD (SIPA), GIZ, UNFCCC, US Embassy, Public Chamber of the Majilis Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ENU named after Gumilyov, KazATU named after Seifullin, AUES named after Gumarbek Dauekeev, “KazStandard”, JSC “Zhasyl Damu”, JSC “Institute of Economic Research”, AIFC, NCE “Atameken”, JSC “KTZ”, JSC “Kazatomprom”, AMME, ECOJER, KAZENERGY, Association of ecological organizations, ERG, international and national experts, NGOs, and business structures took part in the hybrid-format event.

Dr. Bakhyt Yessekina, Member of the Council for Green Economy under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Director of the REC “Green Academy,” moderated the first session of the seminar on “Directions for Achieving Carbon Neutrality in Kazakhstan.” Greetings were addressed to the seminar participants by Senator of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Olga Bulavkina, Head of the Policy Department of the EU Delegation Maciej Madalinski, Head of the World Bank in Kazakhstan Andrey Mikhnev, Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mansur Oshirbayev.

Presentations were made by:

Timur Zhaksalykov, First Vice Minister of National Economy (Development of the Action Plan on achievement of the carbon neutrality);

Bolat Bekniyaz, First Vice Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation (On the Concept of Water Resources Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan);

Zhaslan Kasenov, Director of the Department of RES under the ME RK (Prospects for the Development of Renewable Energy Sources in Kazakhstan and Geothermal Energy);

Dr. Aizhan Skakova, Member of the Public Chamber of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Impact of Climate Change on Water Use Efficiency);

Improving Climate Legislation in Kazakhstan.

The second session on “Improving Climate Legislation in Kazakhstan” was moderated by Sergey Ponomarev, Member of the Committee on Ecology and Environmental Management of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Anton Tsvetov, UNFCCC observer, consultant on climate policy.

Presentations at the second session were made by:

Paata Janelidze, Head of the Expert Group of the EU project “Sustainable Energy Connections in Central Asia” (SECCA) (Legislation on Greenhouse Gas Regulation in the EU);

Peline Atamer, SIPA Project Coordinator / Rodrigo Pizarro, Head of the OECD International Climate Action Program (Carbon Pricing and Reforms in the European ETS);

Daniele Pernigotti, ISO Expert, Director of Aequilibria Srl. (ISO Standards for Achieving Carbon Neutrality);

Askar Yementayev, Managing Director of JSC “Zhasyl Damu” (Directions for Improving the ETS and Implementing Forest Projects in Kazakhstan).

The discussion of the presented reports was attended by deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, MENR, representatives of business associations, universities of Kazakhstan, research institutes, international organizations.

At the end of the Expert Seminar, participants adopted a draft recommendation on improving legislation on the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Event recording: