Introduction of green growth indicators in the Republic of Kazakhstan and National Report based on the OECD Green Growtһ Indicators

On 15 May 2019 in the city of Nur-Sultan conducted the Third Meeting of the Working Group on “Introduction of green growth indicators in the Republic of Kazakhstan and National Report based on the OECD Green Growtһ Indicators” organized by the Scientific and Educational Center “Green Academy” jointly with Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy.

The Deputy Chair G.Kerimkhanova of the Statistics Committee made a welcoming speech at the Working Group opening.

The speakers were the Head of the Statistics and Production Department of the Committee on Statistics of the MNE RoK A. Shauenova, OECD National Expert, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Director of the SREC “Green Academy” B.Yessekina, OECD International Consultant A.Isak.

The meeting was attended by the heads and staff of ministries and departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international experts of the OECD, representatives of UNDP, ADB, GIZ, Economic Research Instituteof the MNE RoK, NGOs and business.

The participants of the 3rd Working Group Meeting discussed the measures taken to introduce selected indicators of green growth into the system of nationwide statistical observations, approved the final version of the Green Growth Report in Kazakhstan prepared by national and international experts together with the Statistics Committee and recommended for publication.

Experimental calculations on the performance of the use of non-energy materials were approved by an international expert, while the Statistics Committee recommended to expand the list of biotic and abiotic materials. The methodology for calculating the OECD Natural Resources Index proposed by the “Green Academy” was noted and recommended for use in monitoring the use of natural resources of the territories.