June 24, 2021 at 3.00 pm – a webinar was held at the international level on the topic “Circular Economy. Support in Financing and Delivering the Circular Economy in Almaty.”

This webinar was organized by the World Bank in cooperation with the Akimat of Almaty.

The circular economy concept suggests a wide range of strategies to redefine economic development through the lens of metabolic efficiency and to set a course for a resource-efficient and low-carbon future.

The purpose of this event was an expert discussion of international experience in the field of circular economy, as well as engaging stakeholders in creating a working group to implement the Strategy for the implementation of the Circular Economy of Almaty, which was adopted in 2019. This event brought together government agencies, experts from universities, NGOs of the city of Almaty and the region, as well as business representatives.

Opening remarks and presentations were made by: Jane Olga Ebinger, Sustainable Development Sector Leader, Central Asia, World Bank; Natalia Livinskaya, Head of the Green Economy Department, Akimat of Almaty.

Within the framework of the event, 2 sessions were held: “International experience of the circular economy”, “Green growth and green recovery through the circular economy in Kazakhstan”.

Within the framework of the second session, the director of the Green Academy REC, Dr. Bakhyt Yessekina, spoke on the topic: “Integration of monitoring of the circular economy into the ecological economy”. In addition, the following topics of the presentation were discussed: “Circular economy and cities: politics and actions”, “Transition to round cities in countries with developing economies”, “Point approaches to the introduction of a circular economy in Almaty”.

In addition, the second session also covered the following topics: “Potential for the transition to a circular economy in Kazakhstan: data on the value chain in construction”, “Agglomeration and waste management program in Almaty”. Following the meeting, the speakers and participants in the dialogue gave their recommendations on the possibilities of introducing a circular economy in Almaty. It was agreed to speed up the practical approach and scaling up the implementation of the circular economy in Almaty.